Nature Conservation and Research

Nature is under greater threat than ever before. Human impact has caused certain groups of living beings such as birds to die out 25 times faster than is natural. Conserving and sustainably managing nature requires an ever increasing amount of our knowledge and efforts.

Our conservation work is based on monitoring and analysing environmental and human activity impact on bird populations. Birds are often only an indicator of the occurrences in a particular environment, so we must use an integrated approach to their preservation. Such research represents the foundation of the Society’s activities and is performed by professional ornithologists in cooperation with numerous volunteers and external collaborators.

How does DOPPS-BirdLife Slovenia contribute to nature conservation efforts?

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    We research bird population dynamics and changes in their habitats using standardised, internationally recognised and comparable methods.
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    Atlas of Slovenian Breeding Birds

    We maintain and update the largest Slovenian database on the distribution and abundance of nesters and other birds in the country.
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    Charismatic Species

    By researching and protecting charismatic, i.e. especially popular species, we try to maintain endangered habitats and other animal and plant species.
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    Ecological Research

    We examine the reasons for diminishing populations of endangered species and test the effectiveness of nature conservation measures.
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    Important Bird Areas (IBA)

    We define and monitor the most important areas for bird conservation which present the expert blueprints for the EU-wide Natura 2000 network.
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    Nature Reserves

    We manage and establish nature reserves – centres for biodiversity conservation, research and education; an example of sustainable use of natural resources.
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    Law for Nature

    We protect nature through legal means and regulations.
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    DOPPS-BirdLife Slovenia International Activities

    Nature knows no borders – we strive to protect the most important European and global areas of preserved nature.
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    Scientific Reports

    Reports about the results of professional studies, nature conservation briefings, DOPPS-Birdlife Slovenia consultation responses and recommendations.